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The Masks of the Political God by Luca Ozzano

Global Environmental Governance

Environmental Policy
Green Politics
Panel Number
Panel Chair
James Meadowcroft
Carleton University

28/08/2015 17:50 - 19:30
Building: Jean-Brillant Floor: 4 Room: B-4295
This panel brings together a collection of papers looking at different aspects of global environmental governance. Findings of empirical research on the role of individual actors, institutional and national stakeholders, and multilateral agreements will be presented and discussed.

Paper List

Title Details
Eco-Social Innovations: The Potential of Individuals View Paper Details
How and Why are Institutionalized Country Groups with Differential Treatment Created in Multilateral Environmental Agreements: A Comparative Analysis View Paper Details
New Agents of Change to the Rescue? Exploring the Building Blocks of a Pragmatic Bottom-up Approach to Global Environmental Governance View Paper Details
Synergy and Contradiction in the Global Regulation of Trade, Development and the Environment View Paper Details
Taking a Closer Look at the Treaty Secretariat of the UNFCCC – What Role for REDD+ and Loss and Damage? View Paper Details
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