Cyber Warfare and Cyber Security

Cyber Politics
International Relations
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Adam Drew
University of London, Royal Holloway College
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11/07/2016 11:00
Building: Lossi 36 Room: 204
One of the urgent problems in the modern age is cyber warfare and cyber security. Wars and conflicts between countries do not take place on the real battlefield anymore – there are massive conflicts that are settled online, e.g. in hacking firewalls, entering computer systems and stealing sensitive information. In this panel, we will include papers dealing with the following questions: What strategies do countries develop regarding their cyber security? What role has cyber security in modern warfare? Which countries are the aggressors and which countries are the victims in cyber warfare?

Paper List

Conceptualizing Cyber Arms Races View Paper Details
Co-operative Management of Transboundary Crises: Evidence from EU Efforts on Cyberterrorism and other Threats View Paper Details
Desecuritization, Cyberpolitics and the Brazilian Civil Framework for Internet View Paper Details
Mutually Assured Disconnection View Paper Details
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