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Political Science in Europe

Public Opinion, Foreign Policy and the use of Force in Turbulent Times

International relations

Workshop Director
Pierangelo Isernia
Università degli Studi di Siena
Workshop Co-Director
Thomas Scotto
University of Strathclyde

26/04/2017 09:00 - 17:00
Building: Dearing Building Room: Room B43
This workshop intends to move forward the discussion over state the role of public opinion in foreign policy, approximately 20 years after the last ECPR workshop on such an issue. Three are the reasons that make such a workshop timely and relevant. The first reason is theoretical. It has to do with the progress of the debate on both the sources, correlates and effects of public opinion on foreign and security policy. In the last 20 years, several new theoretical and methodological developments have contributed to progress in the way we know and study these topics. The second reason is empirical. We have now many more comparative high quality survey data than in the 1990s. As a consequence of the globalization of public opinion studies (Heath, Fisher and Smith, 2005), new comparative projects have been launched, such as the Transatlantic Trends Survey, the PEW Global Attitudes Project, the Globscan PIPA Project. They have increased the amount of data available over time and enlarged the scope of the comparison, to include new countries. Last, but not the least, in the last two decades, the interest for public opinion and foreign policy has dramatically increased as a consequence in the 2000s of 9/11 and its aftermath and in the 2010s as a consequence of the growing challenges to the borders of the EU and of the economic crisis, the EU has undertaken a process of radical reconsideration of the entire integration process. As a consequence of the twofold challenges without (Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Turkey, etc.) and within (the economic and financial crisis; the lack of capacity for a coherent and compassionate refugee policy) the EU borders, European foreign and security policy has gained a growing attention.

Paper List

Title Details
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Anatomy of Popular Support: Explaining Change and Continuity in Vladimir Putin’s Executive Approval Ratings, 1999-2016 View Paper Details
Constraints on the Design of Security Policy: Audience Costs and the Strategic Defence and Security Review View Paper Details
Creating Publicity Under Constraints. Expert Interventions in Cases of Collective Defence View Paper Details
Dispute Dynamics and Japanese Public Approval for Coercive Measures during the Senkaku Dispute: Evidence from a Survey Experiment View Paper Details
Fight Fear with Fire. An Experimental Study of the Effects of Media Representations of Immigrants and Terrorists in Italy View Paper Details
Foreign Policy Concepts and Public Opinion in Russia View Paper Details
Framing National Interest: How Media Discourses Influence Western Policy Agendas Towards Foreign Armed Conflicts View Paper Details
Identity as a 'Post-9/11' Foreign Policy Variable: Examining use of Force and Patriotism Interactions in Elite Discourses and Longitudinal Public Opinion Surveys View Paper Details
Nationalism and Foreign Policy Attitudes View Paper Details
Stability and Change in the Relevance of Citizens’ Foreign Core Postures: Evidence from Germany View Paper Details
Support for the Use of Force in Cross-National Comparison: Universal Logics and National Characteristics View Paper Details
Testing the Democratic Peace: What Country Feeling Thermometer Data can Teach us about the Underlying Psychological Drivers of American and Western European Foreign Policy View Paper Details
The Dynamics of Transatlantic Relations: Elite and Public Opinion in Good and Bad Times View Paper Details
Unity is Strength - Development and Explanation of Attitudes towards the Common Security and Defence Policy of the EU and the European Army View Paper Details
When Charity Ends at Home: National Interests and Public Support for Overseas Aid View Paper Details
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