ECPR General Conference
Charles University in Prague, Prague
7 - 10 September 2016

Applying Complex Systems Theory to Higher Education and Research Policy

Public Policy
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Mitchell Young
Charles University in Prague
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Mitchell Young
Charles University in Prague
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08/09/2016 15:50
Building: Faculty of Arts Floor: 1 Room: FA131
Describing political and policy phenomena as complex has become commonplace; however, most often the term is used generally without reference to the scientific study of complex systems. Recently several authors have sought to chart out ways by which to apply complexity theory to public policy (Morcol 2012, Room 2011); however, there is still very little being done with these theories and concepts in the areas of higher education and research. Papers in this panel may take either a qualitative or quantitative approach, but will all rigorously attempt to apply key concepts in complex systems theory (emergence, tipping points, non-linear dynamics, self-organization, fitness landscapes, co-evolution, etc.) to the study of higher education and/or research.

Paper List

‘Through a Glass, Darkly’: Investigating Contemporary Higher Education Policy Dynamics from a Biological Perspective View Paper Details
Agile Actors on Complex Educational Terrains View Paper Details
Chaos in Higher Education: Analysing Organisational Behaviour through the Concepts of Complex Adaptive System Theory View Paper Details
Tales of excellence in an accelerated culture View Paper Details
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