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Political Science in Europe

Policy Change and Continuity in Global Governance

Public Policy
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Jonas Tallberg
Stockholm University
Panel Co-Chair
Magnus Lundgren
Stockholm University
Panel Discussant
Christoffer Green-Pedersen
Aarhus Universitet

09/09/2016 17:40 - 19:20
Building: Faculty of Law Floor: 2 Room: FL225
As many of today’s problems are transnational in character, policymaking is increasingly taking place at the international and global levels. In light of this development, scholars have begun to examine processes of policy formation and change in global governance, within international organizations, via bilateral arrangements, and by individual states. They direct attention to the content and evolution of policy agendas, the manner in which policy is negotiated, and the conditions under which it is likely to emerge or change. This panel brings together a set of scholars who study policy continuity and change across a range of empirical domains in global governance. The aim is to provide for an empirically grounded exchange on a number of key questions relating to global policy arrangements. How does bureaucratic politics affect the policy formation within an international organization? To which extent do theories of policy agenda evolution, derived at the domestic level, apply at the level of international organizations? How do domestic conditions affect the willingness of states’ to renegotiate policy arrangements or enter into new ones? What explains the interdependence between different states’ development policies? Answering these questions will provide new insights into the nature of policy processes in global governance. As the papers of this panel all have an empirical orientation, relying on a mix of quantitative and qualitative analysis, and providing a number of newly gathered datasets, they are well-suited to make a contribution to scholarly debate on these issues.

Paper List

Title Details
Intra-Institutional Policy Drift in the European Commission View Paper Details
Mapping Change in Renegotiated Investment Agreements View Paper Details
Policy punctuations in global governance: evidence from five international organizations, 1980-2015 View Paper Details
What explains the distribution of global health aid among health issues? A comparison of impact severity and diffusion among donors View Paper Details
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