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Global Constitutionalism: Theoretical Perspectives

International Relations
Political Theory
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Anthony Lang
University of St Andrews
Panel Discussant
Anthony Lang
University of St Andrews

08/09/2016 09:00 - 10:40
Building: Faculty of Arts Floor: Ground Room: FA016
Global constitutionalism describes, explains and evaluates legal and political developments at the international level. It is a theoretical enterprise that crosses disciplinary and theoretical boundaries. As such, it cannot be understood as solely about international law, International Relations Theory, or political theory. In other words, it provides a species of International Political Theory. This panel includes papers that draw on legal theory, political theory, and IR theory. Each panellist draws upon a theoretical tradition in order to advance a dimension of global constitutionalism. The papers are drawn from chapters in the upcoming Anthony F Lang, Jr and Antje Weiner, eds., Handbook on Global Constitutionalism (Edward Elgar Publishers, 2017).

Paper List

Title Details
Constructivist Theory and Global Constitutionalism View Paper Details
Cosmopolitanism and Global Constitutionalism View Paper Details
International Constituent Power: Three Variants View Paper Details
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