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The Masks of the Political God by Luca Ozzano

Authority of International Bureaucracies

International Relations
Public Administration
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Andrea Liese
Universität Potsdam
Panel Co-Chair
Per-Olof Busch
Universität Potsdam
Panel Discussant
Matthew Stephen
WZB Berlin Social Science Center

08/09/2016 09:00 - 10:40
Building: Faculty of Law Floor: 2 Room: FL225
The authority of international organizations and bureaucracies had long been neglected in any social science discipline. Yet, in International Relations and in other social science disciplines, including Public Administration, the related theoretical, conceptual and empirical interest has been growing over the past ten years. Today, an increasing number of scholars in International Relations, Public Administration, and Organizational Sociology study the nature, determinants and consequences of different forms of authority that international bureaucracies may enjoy. This Panel seeks to bring together those scholars who either address the authority of international organizations in general or the authority of their administrations in particular. We are specifically interested in empirical studies that direct the attention to the determinants of political or delegated, expert or epistemic and moral authority of international bureaucracies and their consequences in national and/or international decision and policy-making processes.

Paper List

Title Details
Fears of the Peers? Explaining the Authority of Peer Reviews in Global Governance View Paper Details
'Happily ever after': Authority and legitimacy of international organizations in the process of treaty monitoring View Paper Details
Regional Governance: Explaining Varieties of Authority in Regional Organizations in Eurasia View Paper Details
The Influence of Internal Epistemic Actors on the EMU Austerity Paradigm: Lessons from the Eurozone Crisis View Paper Details
'Who has a Say?' Variations in the expert authority of international organizations View Paper Details
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