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Political Networks in the Czech Republic

Europe (Central and Eastern)
Political Sociology
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Panel Chair
Petr Ocelík
Masaryk University
Panel Co-Chair
Tomáš Diviák
Charles University
Panel Discussant
Jiří Navrátil
Masaryk University
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08/09/2016 09:00
Building: Faculty of Arts Floor: 2 Room: FA217
The bulk of political science research in the Czech Republic uses substantivist perspective that understands social world through autonomous actors with certain properties and their interactions. This approach neglects relationships through which actors’ identities and actions are constituted and regulated. In contrast, relational perspective focuses on how relationships and stories embed agency in sociocultural contexts. Social network analysis (SNA) as a theory and methodological framework then provides a wide range of tools that allow to uncover and explain these relational patterns. The panel aims to add to this effort and presents current SNA research on various aspects of Czech politics, be it a discourse networks of climate change media coverage, organizational networks of inter-parliamentary groups, movement networks, or hidden networks of actors involved in Nagy-Gate affair.

Paper List

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Structure of Political Corruption Networks: The Nagygate Affair View Paper Details
What is the Tie? A Methodological Account of SNA for the Study of Social Movements View Paper Details
Who Can Support Human Rights and Democracy Agenda in the Foreign Policy of the Czech Republic? Social Network Analysis of Potential Human Rights Proponents in the Chamber of Deputies View Paper Details
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