Joint International Teaching and Learning Conference 2019

Diffusion Dynamics Between Authoritarian Regimes

Comparative Politics
Human Rights
International Relations
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Oisin Tansey
Kings College London
Panel Discussant
Oisin Tansey
Kings College London
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10/09/2016 09:00
Building: Faculty of Arts Floor: Ground Room: FA001
This panel will explore the role that diffusion can play in spreading authoritarian norms and practices across international borders. The panel will examine the impact of authoritarian diffusion across a range of issue areas, including civil liberties, media policy and electoral malpractice.

Paper List

Authoritarian Powers and the Decline of Civil Liberties: Analysing the Increasing Opportunities for Authoritarian Diffusion View Paper Details
Coincidence, Collaboration, or Continuity: Europe’s new Authoritarian Media Policy View Paper Details
How electoral malpractice travels: the diffusion of electoral malpractice in the post-Soviet space View Paper Details
What drives authoritarian party to party interaction? The Chinese Communist Party and African ruling parties View Paper Details
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