Recent Trends in European Counterterrorism: A Comparative Perspective

Political Violence
State Power
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Manni Crone
Danish Institute for International Studies
Panel Co-Chair
Laurent Bonelli
Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense
Panel Discussant
Francesco Ragazzi
Departments of Political Science and Public Administration, Universiteit Leiden
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09/09/2017 14:00
Building: BL16 Georg Morgenstiernes hus Floor: 2 Room: GM 205
Over the last decade, counterterrorism in Europe has increasingly been underpinned by soft preventive measures of counter-radicalisation, exit and disengagement. However, in a context of liberal democracies, new illiberal practices of counterterrorism have similarly been introduced and gained new salience. This panel adopts a comparative approach to unpack the recent evolution of both CVE (countering violent extremism) and CT (counterterrorism) in a European context. Combining fieldwork experiences with theoretically informed approaches (dispositif, subversion, assemblage etc.), the scholars in this panel will address particular cases in France, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands but also throw light on their transnational entanglements.

Paper List

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Counter-Terror by Proxy: The Spanish State’s Illicit War with ETA View Paper Details
From Crime to Suspicion: The Radicalisation-Dispositif in Belgium View Paper Details
Low-key Leviathan: Counterterrorism, Invisibility and the Disposal Assemblage View Paper Details
The Gatekeepers of the Political Order: Intelligence, Counterterrorism and Subversion in France View Paper Details
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