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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Towards a Theory of the EU as an International Security Provider: Actors, Processes, Outcomes, Impact

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Richard Whitman
University of Kent
Workshop Co-Director
Stefan Wolff
University of Birmingham

Over the past decade the EU has increasingly taken on a role as international security provider that extends well beyond the geographical scope of its membership. This is obvious in the wide range of military and civilian crisis management missions that the EU has undertaken. But also identifiable with a range of other policies, such as the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and development assistance, that have at least in part become more security focused. Our workshop seeks to analyse the EU’s role as an international security actor in a comprehensive way focusing on the making of EU security policy and its implementation. We seek to develop a framework of analysis that will cover the actors involved in the policy making process, the dynamics of this process itself, its outcomes (concrete strategies and policies) and their impact. To establish such a framework of analysis, which could serve as the foundation for a mid-range theory of the EU as an international security provider, will be the main focus of the workshop and build on a range of papers that examine the relevance of, and apply, existing theories of international relations/international security and foreign policy analysis to the specific case of the EU, that investigate empirically how particular policies are formulated and implemented, and that analyse, in single and comparative case studies, the impact and effectiveness of the EU as an international security provider.

Paper List

Title Details
Analytic Eclecticism and EU Foreign Policy (in-)Action View Paper Details
Caucasian Dreams: The EU as a 'Security Provider' in the Southern Caucasus View Paper Details
Developing a 'Comprehensive Approach' to International Security: Experiential Institutional Learning and the CSDP View Paper Details
Elites and Mass Public Opinion Attitudes Toward Internal and External Threats of EU. View Paper Details
EU Actorness – Towards a Specific Logic of Security Building in the Aftermath of Civil Wars View Paper Details
EU Conflict Management: Towards a Mid-range Theory of Success View Paper Details
Internal & External Security and EU Security Actorness: Comprehensive or Contradictory? View Paper Details
Is Soft Power Really Power? On the (im)Possibility of Basing Strategic Action on the Notion of 'Power without Coercion' View Paper Details
Learning by Doing? - Analysing the Development of the Civilian Aspects of the EU’s CSDP View Paper Details
Principle, Policy and Practice in EU Security Provision View Paper Details
Security Provision by Proxy: The European Unoin and the African Union View Paper Details
The Changing Role of the European Union as a Security Actor: From Crisis Management to Crisis Response View Paper Details
The Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Laboratory for EU Security Policies View Paper Details
The EU as a Mediator in Peace Negotiations: Conceptual Framework and Plausibility Probe View Paper Details
The EU’s Enlargement Eastward and Human Security View Paper Details
What does NPE tell about the EU as an International Security Actor? View Paper Details
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