Bottom-up and Top-down Resistance to Energy Transition

Comparative Politics
Environmental Policy
Green Politics
Interest Groups
Political Economy
Climate Change
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Christoph Stefes
WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Panel Discussant
Cornelia Fraune
Technische Universität Darmstadt
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07/09/2017 09:00
Building: BL16 Georg Morgenstiernes hus Floor: 2 Room: GM 207
This panel invites papers that compare either grassroots resistance/political elite campaigns in different countries or compare bottom-up and top-down campaigns in a single country, how they differ and how they reinforce each other. The idea behind this panel is to map the political landscape (actors, institutions, and interests) of actors that try to halt or even roll back the transition towards sustainable energy systems.

Paper List

Avoiding the Inevitable - A Comparison of Voters’ and the Elite’s Opposition towards Renewable Energy Transitions View Paper Details
Japan’s Nuclear Village: Change and Continuity in Interest Group Politics after 3.11 View Paper Details
The Challenge of Energy Transformations: Making New Policies out of Old Actors? Resistances and Strategies of the Nuclear Sector View Paper Details
Tourism Interests vs. Deployment of Renewable Energies View Paper Details
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