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ECPR Journals Virtual Special Issue

‘Us and them’: Community-building and Citizenship Legitimation through Collective Identity

Public Opinion
Voting Behaviour
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Nora Siklodi
Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Trondheim
Panel Co-Chair
Aleksandra Sojka
Universidad de Granada
Panel Discussant
Emmanuel Dalle Mulle
University of Geneva

09/09/2017 14:00 - 15:40
Building: BL16 Georg Morgenstiernes hus Floor: 2 Room: GM 219
The role of collective identity in shaping community-building processes and in legitimising citizenship has been highlighted by scholars of identity (Tilly, 1975), citizenship (Isin and Turner, 2002), and nationalism (Smith, 1995), time and again. Whether or not an ‘imagined community’ (Anderson, 1986) separating ‘us’ (those who belong) from ‘them’ (the others) manifests, and the extent to which this community then leads to public participation in politics (Karolewski, 2010) (via formal and, more recently, alternative forms of engagement), illustrates the depth and breadth of collective identity. Albeit by no means a new development, perhaps never before have these dynamics been as exposed as they are today in the context of European and American ‘post-truth’ politics, where emotionally charged debates about independence, migration and (un)democratic decision-making dominate media headlines and policy-making. Against this backdrop, this panel addresses the issue of collective identity in shaping community-building processes and in legitimising citizenship from empirical and theoretical perspectives. Its main objective is to present a set of contributions which draw on current and/or historical evidence that can feed into a learning curve and assist in formulating expert responses to today’s events.

Paper List

Title Details
A Community of Europeans?: Differentiation Processes among Natives and EU Residents in the UK View Paper Details
Espanya ens Roba! The Origins of the Discourse of Fiscal Plundering in Catalonia View Paper Details
Making or Breaking the Union? European Collective Identity in Times of Migrant and Refugee Crisis View Paper Details
The Politics of Identity and its Consequences for the Kurds in Turkey View Paper Details
'They Are Not Us': Popularity of Turkish Drama Series and Their Impact on Identity Construction Amongst Moroccan Women View Paper Details
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