The Role of Localness in (Legislative) Politics

Local Government
Political Parties
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Audrey Vandeleene
Lunds Universitet
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Audrey Vandeleene
Lunds Universitet
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07/09/2017 09:00
Building: BL20 Helga Engs hus Floor: 2 Room: HE 234
Political elites, party selectorates and voters alike, all seem to value locally embedded politicians, even if for different reasons. Although the local origin of candidates or elected representatives may be critical to various dimensions of our political systems from candidate selection processes to campaign modes and voting behaviour this topic has received little academic attention (for exceptions see Shugart et al. 2005, Tavits 2009 or Górecki and Marsh 2012). Our panel welcomes both empirical and theoretical contributions that address questions such as: under what institutional conditions do selectorates and voters favour local candidates? Is there a trade-off between the selection of locally embedded politicians who can win votes and party discipline in Parliament? Are legislators with a record in local politics more parochial and interested in constituency service than in policy specialization?

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