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2021 Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Politics and Gender

Trade and the Internationalisation of Food and Agricultural Policy

Public Policy
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Carsten Daugbjerg
University of Copenhagen
Panel Co-Chair
Arild Aurvåg Farsund
University of Stavanger
Panel Discussant
Gerard Breeman
Departments of Political Science and Public Administration, Universiteit Leiden

07/09/2017 15:50 - 17:30
Building: BL07 P.A. Munchs hus Floor: 1 Room: PAM SEM3
Food and agricultural policy-making is becoming more internationalised as national and sub-national policy domains are increasingly connected with international policy arenas. Internationalisation is defined as the 'restructuring of power relations with the emergence of new supranational centres of political authority' (Skogstad 2000). This transfer of political authority to an international institution (such as the WTO) can be an important factor affecting domestic policy-making. Internationalisation of public policy takes place in the intersection between domestic and international processes in which actors seek to establish, restructure or expand international policy institutions to enable policy coordination across borders. While it is recognised that food and agricultural policy is increasingly internationalised, the internationalisation processes are not well understood. This panel invites papers which explore the way in which international policy regimes relating to food and agricultural policy are formed and/or how such regimes affect domestic food and agriculture policy making.

Paper List

Title Details
Internationalising Agricultural Policy: The Interaction between Developments in the GATT/WTO Farm Trade Negotiations and Reforms of EU’s Common Agricultural Policy View Paper Details
The Framing of Food Security in the Doha Round Negotiations: The Case of G33 and G10 View Paper Details
The Role of UN Agencies in Shaping Trade Rules and Food and Agriculture Policy-making at the WTO View Paper Details
What’s in a Name? Internationalisation of GI Regulation and its Effects on EU and US Policies View Paper Details
Wheat, Politics and Power: The Global Grain Trade and the Internal–External Security Nexus in Russia View Paper Details
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