Post-conflict Transitions, Legitimacy and the Effects of Violence

Conflict Resolution
Political Violence
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Panel Chair
Biljana Kasic
University of Zadar
Panel Discussant
Florian Edelmann
Aberystwyth University
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09/09/2017 09:00
Building: BL16 Georg Morgenstiernes hus Room: GM 205
Deeply divisive political issues, such as unsolved disputes over territory, can disrupt or prevent a transition from armed conflict to a stable post-conflict settlement. But the social and psychological effects of violence also create challenges for sustainable peace. In this panel, we analyse a range of post-conflict issues, including the lasting effects of trauma and psychological distress, the impact of violence on local communities and social institutions, difficulties in dealing with the past, the importance of state legitimacy, and debates surrounding transitional justice.

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"History is past politics, and politics is past history" - E.A. Freeman

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