Ethics and Right in Kant's Political Philosophy

Political Theory
Normative Theory
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Sari Kisilevsky
Queens College CUNY
Panel Discussant
Sorin Baiasu
University of Keele
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07/09/2017 09:00
Building: BL11 Harriet Holters hus Floor: 1 Room: HH 101
Kant's account of political change and in particular his view of the change of legal norms is importantly shaped by his account of the link between ethical and juridical norms. In the recent Kant literature, there has been a resurgence of interest in the way in which Kant views this link. Commentators have identified three possibe positions: an independentist view, according to which right is independent from ethics; a dependentist view, which claims that Kant's legal norms are derived directly from his ethical norms; and, finally, an indirectly dependentist view, which regards the derivation as possible, although not in a direct way. Papers in this panel examine various apects of this vexed relation in Kant's practical philosophy.

Paper List

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Regarding the Nature Progressive Political Change: Du Bois and Rawls on Kant’s Cosmopolitanism View Paper Details
The Basis of the Doctrine of Right in Kant’s Moral Philosophy View Paper Details
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