The Normalisation of Left/Right Populism?

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Karin Liebhart
University of Vienna
Panel Discussant
Attila Bartha
Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
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07/09/2017 15:50
Building: BL20 Helga Engs hus Floor: Basement Room: HE U36
Electoral successes of populist right- and left-wing parties have increasingly challenged mainstream parties throughout Europe in terms of both political competition and forms of (potential) political cooperation. Diverse populist parties have already participated in coalition governments or even governed alone. Contiguous to relevant parties, populist movements have concentrated frustration, protest and criticism and directed such attitudes and feelings against mainstream national and European political elites.

Moreover, populist rhetoric, style and content have become socially more acceptable and even reached the political mainstream. Borders and differences between populist and non-populist parties, movements and politicians tend to blur. Not least, those developments also affect electoral behavior.

Notwithstanding populism has meanwhile appeared in diverse forms and types, and grave differences between left and right populism are obvious, the panel focuses on processes of “normalization” of both political phenomena. The contributions either take selected European countries such as Germany, Italy and Sweden as examples, or assume a cross-European perspective. The papers also present a variety of quantitative and qualitative social science methods and approaches to the analysis of the issues put up for discussion.

Paper List

Considering the Unthinkable: Towards a Normalization of Relationships between Social-Democrats and Right-Wing Populist Parties in Western Europe? View Paper Details
Electoral Contaminations and Spill-Overs during the Great Recession View Paper Details
Liaisons Dangereuses? Ideological Affinities and Divergences between Populist and Neo-Fascist Parties in Germany and Italy and their Different Social Acceptance View Paper Details
The ‘Refugee Crisis’ and Right-wing Populism in Germany: Narratives of Vulnerability and Deviance in the Party Communication of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) View Paper Details
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