Institutionalisation of Political Parties: Comparative Cases. Edited by Robert Harmel and Lars G. Svasand

Conflicting Claims in Food Governance

Panel Number
Panel Chair
Jeroen Candel
Wageningen University and Research Center
Panel Co-Chair
Anna Szajkowska
European Commission
Section: Food Governance

There is a variety of functions that may be ascribed to food, and its production. Is food a human right? A commodity? Or rather an environmental asset? The institutional context around food issues is characterised by fundamentally different discourses on food, which impacts decision-making processes, policy outcomes, and eventual action imperatives. The same dynamic revolves around concepts such as food security, food safety, or food sovereignty. Although the meaning of these terms may seem clear and unequivocal at first sight, they are subject to diverse underlying frames, and, sometimes conflicting, claims. This panel welcomes all papers that assess the impact of these claims on the governance of food, including food security, food safety, and food sovereignty. We want to analyse how ideational and discursive processes affect both scientific and socio-political food-related debates.

Paper List

Competing Discourses at the Committee on World Food Security: Tracing Trade Liberalisation, the Right to Food and Food Sovereignty in Global Food Security Policy View Paper Details
Risk Communication and Food Safety Policies: Conflicting Claims About Bisphenol A View Paper Details
Seeds of Wrath – Competing Narratives on Property Rights in Food Governance View Paper Details
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