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Political Science in Europe

How to Govern Who Governs: Referendums in a Comparative Perspective

Referendums and Initiatives
Comparative Perspective
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Eva G. Heidbreder
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
Panel Discussant
Andrew Glencross
Aston University

25/08/2018 09:00 - 10:40
Building: VMP 8 Floor: Ground Room: 05
Consolidated democracies have been increasingly under pressure in the past years due to rising autocratic and populist voices that put into question representative democratic rule.
Putting in question the very legitmacy of public policy-making impacts heavily on the introduction and enforcement of rules – both for elected but even more so for non-elected public institutions whose democratic legitimacy, accountability and transparency are put in question altogether. One prominent response is the increasing direct democratic inclusion of citizens via referendums. Both academically and practically, this trend raises a host of analytical and normative questions. In line with the rising interest in referendums, also research efforts have increase. Yet, due to the obviously great variance, single case studies still dominate the research landscape. To foster more systematic research, the aim of this panel is to promote comparative research on referendums. We invite papers that either apply a comparative methodology or that seek to involve into a comparative debate from their specific research angle. Accordingly, the panel is intended as a platform for referendum researchers interested in a broader agenda to develop comparative takes and exchange to develop more cumulative knowledge.

Paper List

Title Details
Brexit and Polexit: Collective Narcissism Predicts Support for Leaving the European Union View Paper Details
Cameron’s European Legacy: How Brexit Demonstrates the Flawed Politics of Simple Solutions View Paper Details
Deconstructing Brexit: Eurosceptic Discourse and the Ideational Context of the United Kingdom’s Exit from the European Union View Paper Details
Referendums in Consolidated Democracies – Towards a Comparative Approach View Paper Details
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