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National Minorities between Protection and Empowerment: Contemporary Minority Politics in Europe

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
David Galbreath
University of Bath
Workshop Co-Director
Tove Malloy
European Centre for Minority Issues

The status of national minorities in Europe challenges many of the primary local-to-global institutions. At the same time, no region in the world has progressed so far as to establish a minority rights regime that seeks to prevent discrimination and establish empowerment. Since the end of the Cold War, the focus on minorities in Europe has been primarily on conflict prevention and resolution. However, since the EUs enlargement in 2004 and 2007, the focus on minorities has become a subject of not only of Central and Eastern Europe, but Western European states as well.

In other words, national minorities are a European issue. The way that the EU, Council of Europe and OSCE have come to engage with minorities needs more analysis in terms of its effects on how national minorities are situated within national and regional contexts. The argument is that the focus on security and conflict has let this minority rights regime towards management and protection over empowerment.

This workshop aims to look comparatively at the impact of the minority rights regime throughout Europe, paying particular attention to European organisations, member-states and national minority communities. The comparative framework is based on the following questions: What is the relationship between European approaches to minorities and the impact on the ground? How have the ethnic conflicts of the early Cold War period shaped national and regional methods of ethnic management? And, finally, more normatively, how can European organisations and member states move beyond management and protection towards empowerment?

Paper List

Title Details
Assessing the Impact of the EU Accession on Turkey’s Kurdish Minority View Paper Details
Between Two Policy Frames: Protection vs Descecuritisation View Paper Details
Decoupled Empowerment: Minority Representation and the Implementation of Language Rights in Romania View Paper Details
Divided We Stand: Ethnic Identities as Drivers of Political Mobilization in Post-Conflict Bosnia, Kosovo, and Macedonia View Paper Details
Europeanisation of Turkey: Does it Lead to a Multilevel Governance Model for Minority Rights? View Paper Details
Europeanisation through Experimentation: New Venue Orientation and Policy Learning among National Minority Groups View Paper Details
From Protection to Empowerment through Participation: The case of Trentino - A Laboratory for small groups View Paper Details
Immigration – Empowering or Threatening Minority Regimes? An explorative case study of South Tyrol(I) and Scotland (UK) View Paper Details
Minority integration rhetoric: An obstacle to minority empowerment View Paper Details
Minority Integration Rhetoric: An Obstacle to Minority Empowerment View Paper Details
National Minorities and Human Rights: Untangling the Rhetoric of the Minority Rights-Security Nexus to Promote Empowerment View Paper Details
National Turkish Minority’s Members as Bulgarian Citizens: How are Games “Protection and Empowerment” in World of Ethnic Inequalities? View Paper Details
Political Participation of National Minorities in the German-Danish Border Region. A Survey amongst the Minority Members View Paper Details
Regionalist Parties and National Government Performance in a Multitier System View Paper Details
The Albanians in Macedonia: The Role of the International Organisations in the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) in Empowering the Minority of Ethnic Albanians. View Paper Details
The Impact of Internationalisation and Norm Transfer on Minority Protection Policies View Paper Details
The Political Participation of Minorities in Hungary and the Limits of their Influence View Paper Details
The Politics of Roma Rights in Europe: A Cross-National Multilevel Assessment of the Empowerment Potential for Local Actors View Paper Details
The Quadric Nexus of European Minority Politics View Paper Details
The Ratchet of the International Regime? From Minority Protection to Minority Empowerment in Europe View Paper Details
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