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ECPR Standing Group on the European Union 10th Biennial Conference LUISS, Rome

The Transnational Dimension of Protest: From the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Donatella Della Porta
European University Institute
Workshop Co-Director
Alice Mattoni
Università di Bologna

The workshop intends to analyze the transnational dimension in the recent wave of global protests like the Arab Spring, the European Indignados, and Occupy Wall Street. Literature on transnational social movements flourished in the last decades, exploring social movement networks that organized counter-summits demonstrations and social forums meetings. Most recent protests across the world had, amongst their target, national governments and policies. But they also maintained a strong transnational stance. Starting from a comparative perspective, the workshop focuses on the transnational mechanisms and processes at work in the Arab Spring, the European Indignados, and Occupy Wall Street by paying particular attention to 1) imageries and practices of democracy and 2) communication and mediation processes.

Paper List

Title Details
Among Militants and Deliberative Laboratories: The “Indignados” View Paper Details
Are they simply Reformists, or do they really want a Revolution? A Comparative Analysis of the Organisational and Ideological resources of Greek, French and Spanish Indignados View Paper Details
Breaks and Continuities in and between Cycles of Protest. Memories and Legacies of the Global Justice Movement in the Context of Anti-Austerity Mobilisations View Paper Details
Connections and Shared Meanings: From Dawn to Dusk? (G. Pleyers & F. Khosrokhavar) View Paper Details
Containment or Contagion: The Spatio-Temporal Dynamics and Transnational Underpinnings of Protest View Paper Details
Deliberation as Generational Repertoire? Comparative Perspectives on Democratic Practices among the Indignados movements in Spain, Portugal, France and in the Tunisian Revolutionary Process (January-June 2011) View Paper Details
Diffusion of Information and Mass Protests in Authoritarian Contexts View Paper Details
Diffusion of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Online Mobilisation Tactics View Paper Details
Dramatic Diffusion: On Symbols and Images in Transnational Activism View Paper Details
Eventful Democratisation and Cross-national Diffusion: When Social Movements Change Structures View Paper Details
LiberationTech: The Global Struggle to Govern the Democratic Impacts of ICTs View Paper Details
Occupy London in Local and International Context View Paper Details
Revolutionary Consulting - The Diffusion of Non-violence as a Strategy View Paper Details
The Indignados as Autonomous Movement: Tracing Movement Continuity from the GJM View Paper Details
The Invocation of the People: The Movements of 2011-2012 and the National/transnational Articulations of the "Popular" View Paper Details
The Transnational dimension of the Greek Anti-austerity Campaign, 2010-2012 View Paper Details
The Transnational Dimension of the Student and “Education Workers” Mobilisations in Europe and the Americas View Paper Details
Towards "Local Justice Movement(s)"? Re-scaling of the Social Justice Protest in the Czech Republic View Paper Details
Transnational Mobilisation: The case of Syrians in Sweden View Paper Details
Using Twitter to Mobilise Protest Action: Transnational Online Mobilisation Patterns and Action Repertoires in the Occupy Wall Street, Indignados and Aganaktismenoi Movements View Paper Details
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