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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Where Next for Integrated Food Policy? Blurring Boundaries in Institutions, Evidence, and Practice

Policy Analysis
Public Policy
Policy Change
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Kelly Parsons
City, University of London
Panel Co-Chair
Raquel Ajates Gonzalez
University of Dundee
Panel Discussant
Rebecca Wells
City, University of London

25/08/2018 16:00 - 17:40
Building: VMP 9 Floor: 5 Room: B528
With the case for integrated food policy - and its multiple challenges around development and implementation - now widely accepted, new innovative solutions to support an integrated approach are required. This panel proposes to ‘zoom out’ from the policymaking process, and adjust the focus towards previously underexplored themes and their potential role as enablers of policy integration. Examples of less-obvious enablers to foster connected-ness might include: interdisciplinary research; integrated evidence; pedagogical developments; the role of values; or addressing the disconnects between non-governmental actors - such as business and civil society - in the policy process. The panel therefore calls for papers which offer conceptual and empirical insights into both new lenses for study and more pragmatic solutions to support integrated food policy, both within and beyond the direct realm of policymaking, which might improve its chances of success.
Papers addressing the following topics are invited:
• Insights from empirical research on successfully or unsuccessfully integrated food policies, examining the different degrees of integration and definitions of success and integration

• Novel methods or frameworks to study successful and unsuccessful attempts at integrated food policies, in particular those encompassing fragmentation in and between non-governmental stakeholder groups

• The use of evidence in food policy making and how it might support integrated approaches

• The role of interdisciplinary research in supporting integrated food policy

• Pedagogical approaches to foster integrative thinking for food policy

Paper List

Title Details
Bridging the Gap Between Integrated Food Policy Research and Practice View Paper Details
Food as a Common Good. Governance Implications of a Change in Perspective View Paper Details
Fostering Integrated Food Policy Through Multi-Disciplinary Teaching and Learning. The Case of the IFSTAL (Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning) Programme. View Paper Details
Integrated Evidence for Integrated Food Policy: the Need, the Challenges of Big Data and the Blurring Identities of Evidence Generators View Paper Details
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