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Strategies of Secession and Counter-Secession

Interactions of International Bureaucracies with Sub- And Non-State Actors

International Relations
Public Administration
Public Policy
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Thomas Hickmann
University of Utrecht
Panel Discussant
Maarja Beerkens
Departments of Political Science and Public Administration, Universiteit Leiden

24/08/2018 14:00 - 15:40
Building: VMP 5 Floor: Ground Room: 029
The past few years have witnessed a growing scholarly interest in international bureaucracies. Many scholars perceive international bureaucracies as distinct actors and argue that they have adopted crucial functions in contemporary global policy-making. While their studies have provided important insights, only little attention has been paid to the interplay between international bureaucracies and the plethora of sub- and non-state actors that have joined national governments in the global policy arena. To bridge this research gap, this panel invites papers that explore the interactions of different types of international bureaucracies with cities and their networks, civil society organizations, and private corporations. In fact, international bureaucracies increasingly engage sub-groups of non-governmental organizations into a policy dialogue and mobilize advocacy, create demonstration effects, or otherwise pressure national governments in order to generate progress in the global response to transboundary problems. Against this backdrop, this panel examines the interactions of international bureaucracies with sub- and non-state actors and aims to enhance our understanding of how, why, and with what consequences these actors collaborate.

Paper List

Title Details
A Systematic Analysis of the Social Relations Between Non-State Actors and the UNFCCC Secretariat View Paper Details
Enhancing the Scope of Action: The Multilevel Institutional Interplay of International Treaty Secretariats in Global Environmental Governance View Paper Details
Expertise in Transnational Politics: Networks, Bureaucratic Authority and Non-State Actors in EU Development Cooperation View Paper Details
Reforms of International Public Administrations: How Different Administrative Styles Determine Organizational Change View Paper Details
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