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ECPR Standing Group on the European Union 10th Biennial Conference LUISS, Rome

A Global Approach to Comparative Area Studies and International Relations Scholarship: What to Expect and How to Proceed

Comparative Politics
International Relations
Mixed Methods
Panel Number
Panel Chair
André Bank
German Institute of Global And Area Studies

24/08/2018 09:00 - 10:40
Building: VMP 5 Floor: 2 Room: 2079
This Panel discusses what to expect from a more ‘global approach’ to research in political science-based Comparative Area Studies (CAS) and International Relations (IR). It lays out the importance of de-centering the West in research endeavours, and understanding the different regions and countries of the Global South on their own terms. The Panel also focuses on three challenges addressed by different contributions: more global research processes and methods to generate new empirical findings; bottom-up theory- and concept-building beyond narrow regional confines and across time; and the promotion of these findings within the academic mainstream. Panelists contribute their own experiences from research with, in, and about the Global South in trying to overcome systematic biases. By alluding to the pitfalls in research and theory building with a global intent, panelists also make the case for realistic expectation management, and suggest ways in which some of the risks might be successfully dealt with.

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