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The European Union and Beyond

Comparing Pro-Independence Movements: Motivations, Strategies and Discourses

European Politics
Referendums and Initiatives
Comparative Perspective
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Davide Vampa
Aston University
Panel Discussant
Ignacio Molina
Universidad Autònoma de Madrid

23/08/2018 09:00 - 10:40
Building: VMP 5 Floor: 2 Room: 2071
Secessionist movements have become more prominent in the public debate in Europe over the last few years. The referendum for independence in Scotland in 2014, the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine and the conflict in Catalonia have impacted the political agendas and attracted much media attention. This panel aims at discussing to what extent there are similarities and differences among pro-independence movements and if they can be considered as part of a wider international trend. This panel invites contributions, if possible with a comparative angle, to shed light on the motivations driving secessionism, on the type of domestic and international strategies adopted to promote political self-determination, and on the discourses and communication styles used by pro-independence parties and leaders. Counter-secession responses by central and regional governments and the stance of the European Union and other supranational organisations will also be contrasted. The panel will also deal with other analytical issues of relevance such as the ability of devolution to reduce independence claims, cross-fertilisation among secessionist groups, and the adoption of populist style in their discourses.

Paper List

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