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Political Research Exchange

United in Diversity? Implementation and Performance in Multi-Level Governance I

European Union
Domestic Politics
Policy Implementation
Member States
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Eva Thomann
University of Exeter
Panel Discussant
Eva Ruffing
Universitetet i Bergen

25/08/2018 09:00 - 10:40
Building: VMP 8 Floor: Ground Room: VMP8-Lecture Hall
In multi-level governance structures such as the European Union (EU), decentralized implementation inevitably leads to a diversity of policy solutions in practice. However, our knowledge about this diversity is limited empirically and theoretically. What does it imply for policy performance, the legitimacy of decision-making, and the ways in which member states “take back control”? How can we gain a fuller empirical picture of multi-level policy implementation? The panel invites papers that analyse implementation patterns, delegation processes and administrative discretion, (differentiated) integration, and multi-level governance. Preference is given to studies that provide systematic evidence, are theoretically, conceptually and/or methodologically innovative.

Chairs: Eva Thomann and Asya Zhelyazkova
Discussants: Elena Bondarouk and Eva Ruffing

Paper List

Title Details
A Principal-Agent Approach to the Study of Cohesion Policy Implementation View Paper Details
Between Formal Coordination and Local Differentiation: the Implementation of the European Clean Air Policy View Paper Details
Beyond in or Out. Differentiated Implementation as a Way to Manage Diversity in the EU View Paper Details
How Effective is the EU Regulatory State? Linking Legal Compliance, Customization, and Practical Implementation View Paper Details
The Effects of EU Harmonization on National Public Supervision of Ongoing Trials View Paper Details
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