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Gendering the European Parliament

Between Voice and Exit: Studying Political Participation in the Arena of Everyday Life and Beyond

Political Participation
Social Movements
Political Sociology
Political Activism
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Joost de Moor
Stockholm University
Panel Discussant
Sebastian Haunss
Universität Bremen

23/08/2018 11:00 - 12:40
Building: VMP 5 Floor: 2 Room: 2098
This panel brings together papers that look at various forms of political participation in the arena of everyday life (lifestyle politics, political subcultures, etc.) and how these forms of action relate to political participation in other arenas, like the state and the market. It aims to address questions such as whether everyday politics should be understood as an exit from more public political engagements, or whether they may in fact prompt participants to take up a broader engagement. Such questions have so far been addressed through correlations. This panel brings together longitudinal, experimental and qualitative research to assess causal relations.

Paper List

Title Details
A Longitudinal Analysis of the Link Between Lifestyle Politics and Other Forms of Political Participation. View Paper Details
Demobilizing Effects of Political Consumption: Evidence Form a Survey Experiment View Paper Details
Depoliticization and Politicization Processes in Rural Eco-Cohousing Movements View Paper Details
Participation And/or Non-Participation of Social Movement Actors in Institutional Politics? The Case of Squatted Social Centers in 2018 Italian Political Elections. View Paper Details
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