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The Masks of the Political God by Luca Ozzano

Active Citizenship Through (Non)Citizen Participation

Political Participation
Political Sociology
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Gabriele Vogt
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München – LMU
Panel Discussant
Joyce Gelb
City University of New York

24/08/2018 17:40 - 19:20
Building: VMP 5 Floor: Ground Room: 0077
In its attempt to (re)draw the contours of active citizenship, this panel brings together papers that discuss different forms of participation by citizens and non-citizens (in this case resident migrants), from traditional forms of engagement in politics to more ad-hoc ones, including the citizens’ initiative, protest movements and consumerism. The panel merges normative and empirical debates about (non)citizen participation, (re)defines the modes of their political participation and the inclusive/exclusive boundaries of their collective political engagements. The empirically grounded papers draw on examples from a wide range of countries, including protest movements in Turkey and Japan and new forms of active citizenship/structures in local politics in Scotland and Germany. Overall, the panel sheds light on the triggers and the many shades of (non)citizen participation in theory and practice. It challenges our traditional assumptions of active citizenship, including potential scales of effectiveness and impact on democracy, as well as the contexts in which it is likely to emerge.

Paper List

Title Details
Critical Community Sector Theory and Practice: Empowering Citizens and Communities? View Paper Details
Exclusivity of Citizens’ Initiatives: Vice or Virtue? View Paper Details
Okinawa's Social Movement and the Power of Human Rights View Paper Details
Political Consumerism: A Form of Everyday Political Engagement? View Paper Details
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