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Populism and the Personalization of New Parties

Political Parties
Panel Number
Panel Chairs
Gideon Rahat
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Odelia Oshri
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Panel Discussant
Marcel Lewandowsky
University of Florida

25/08/2018 09:00 - 10:40
Building: VMP 8 Floor: Ground Room: 06
Together with the wave of new parties we observe an intensification of populism and of the personalization of politics. Are many of the new political parties just a mere platform for ambitious politicians? (How) are the “old parties” reacting to the new rise of populism? Do they follow this example? Can we observe a change in campaigning strategies and beyond?

Paper List

Title Details
Populism and Leadership: is There Anything New Under the Sun? View Paper Details
The Clash of Leaders a as Norm of Doing Politics in Bulgaria: the Personalization of Party Politics View Paper Details
The Personalization of New Parties and the Rise of Populism in Indonesia View Paper Details
The Politics of Personalisation and Populism View Paper Details
The Rise of Anti-Establishment Reform Parties in the Czech Republic: Qualitative Analysis of Political Discourse of Emergent Populist Parties. View Paper Details
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