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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Inside New Parties: Party Members and Party Organization

Political Parties
Party Members
Comparative Perspective
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Niko Switek
University of Washington

25/08/2018 16:00 - 17:40
Building: VMP 8 Floor: Ground Room: 06
There is no guarantee for the ‘lifetime’ of a party: in democratic political systems parties emerge but also disappear – sometimes out of the sudden. As changing circumstances push parties to change, renew or reinvent themselves, a key to party survival is precisely their ability to adapt to ever-changing social, political and electoral realities. To adapt to these realities, often parties must undergo change, including institutional reforms regarding their organization and their membership. The panel focus on this issue: How do new vs. old parties adapt to the aforementioned changing realities? How do new parties affect old parties? (How) Do they change in organizational terms? Do we have a new type of parties?

Paper List

Title Details
Factionalism and Party Adaptability. In Defense of Moderate Factionalism. View Paper Details
Political Entrepreneurs, Business-Firm, or Something Else? Organizational Strategies of Genuinely New Parties in Slovakia, 2000-2016 View Paper Details
Social and Ideological Representativeness: a Comparison of Political Party Members and Supporters in Finland. View Paper Details
The Five Star Movement - between Direct Democracy and the Role of the Party in Central Office View Paper Details
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