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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Exploring Alternative Forms of Knowledge

Policy Analysis
Panel Number
Panel Chairs
Christina Boswell
University of Edinburgh
Eva Krick
Universitetet i Oslo
Panel Co-Chair
Stine Hesstvedt
Universitetet i Oslo
Panel Discussants
Kanerva Kuokkanen
University of Helsinki
Eva Krick
Universitetet i Oslo

23/08/2018 15:50 - 17:30
Building: VMP 9 Floor: Ground Room: VMP9-08
This panel explores the role and potential and non traditional scientific forms of knowledge in governance processes.

Paper List

Title Details
Electing the Experts? An Examination of the Potential for Elected Scientific Advisors in the UK View Paper Details
Making Sense Together’? The Role of Academics in the Co-Production of Knowledge for Local Food Governance in South Africa View Paper Details
Mobilizing Experiential Knowledge in the Multi-Level Polity of the EU View Paper Details
The Globalization of Behavioural Expertise: Political and Epistemic Authority in the Making View Paper Details
The Mobilization of Expert Bioethicists by International Organizations. A Comparison of the UNESCO and the WHO View Paper Details
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