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ECPR Journals Virtual Special Issue

Political Finance and Corruption

Political Economy
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Vit Simral
University of Hradec Kralove
Panel Co-Chair
Vaida Jankauskaitė
Kaunas University of Technology
Panel Discussant
Sarka Laboutkova
International Political Science Association, Czech Society for Political Science

25/08/2018 09:00 - 10:40
Building: VMP 5 Floor: 2 Room: 2101
The consensus today is that one of the most important things a political candidate needs to succeed in an election is money. Over the course of the last century, political finance has become an intensively studied subject in social sciences. In 1925, Max Weber noted that while money was one of the key factors determining modern politics, academicians knew very little about how politicians and political parties were funded. A hundred year later, the amount of information we possess on this topic is much larger. Scholars from North America, Western Europe, and other regions have produced journal articles, book chapters, and entire volumes on political finance. From early legal analyses, to small-N comparative studies of selected Western political finance models, the field of political finance study has a truly comprehensive, global reach. This panel focuses on current corrupt or illicit practices in political finance. The papers describe funding scandals pivotal to the development of politics in researched countries. In doing so, they show how financial dealings influence organizational structures and the behaviour of political parties and their members. Findings show that business ties to political parties change the ideological and programmatical foundations of party structures, which threatens the very core of a multi-party democratic rule. Finally, issues of regulations and legal rules are discussed and their practical importance assessed.

Paper List

Title Details
I Don't Like It Unless It's for Me: Experimental Test of Voters’ Perception of Pork-Barrel Politics View Paper Details
Political Parties Financing in the Czech Republic: New Rules, New Loopholes? View Paper Details
Transform or Adapt? The Effect of Corruption Scandals on Party-Business Relations View Paper Details
Turning the Spotlight on Kleptocrats: Asset Recovery as International Cooperation Problem View Paper Details
What Drives Party Funding Regulation? Analyzing the Incumbent Decision to Reform Legislation to Increase Transparency in Spain View Paper Details
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