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Political Research Exchange - PRX

FEATURED PANEL: Teaching Populism in the Era of Trump. Sponsored by EPS

Comparative Politics
International Relations
Political Theory
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Daniel Stockemer
University of Ottawa

23/08/2018 11:00 - 12:40
Building: VMP 5 Floor: Ground Room: Lecture Hall A
In the 21st century, populism is sweeping the world. Populist leaders are in power in the most powerful country on the globe, the United States of America, they form governments in regional hubs such as Poland, the Philippines and Venezuela, and they threaten some of the most established Western Democracies including France and Italy. Yet, populism is not only a very successful contemporary political movement, it might also fundamentally alter how we teach political science. How should populism be integrated in an International Relations, Comparative Politics, or Women’s Studies class? How should it be taught? How does it change how we as political scientists see the world and how does it alter main political science theories and approaches? We will discuss these questions with four leading scholars, each giving a sub-disciplinary perspective.

Paper List

Title Details
EPS Debate - Alison McCartney, Teaching and Learning and International Relations View Paper Details
EPS Debate - Daniele Caramani, Comparative Politics View Paper Details
EPS Debate - Dick Katz, American Politics and Political Behavior View Paper Details
EPS Debate - Isabelle Engeli, Women’s Studies View Paper Details
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