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Political Research Exchange

The EU Policies for Disaster Prevention, Relief and Post-Disaster Reconstruction

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Fulvio Attinà
Università di Catania
Workshop Co-Director
Claudia Morsut
University of Stavanger

The EU role as humanitarian actor is a salient theme in current global affairs. It is also of great concern to the EU policy makers who aim at enhancing the EU rapid and effective response to serious crises in the world.

This workshop is opened to significant contributions of policy-oriented research about the EU role in global policies for disaster prevention, as well as disaster relief and reconstruction efforts in natural and man-made disasters.

The workshop accepts contributions that undergo three level of analysis and offer a detailed elaboration of the EU vision of disaster prevention, relief and reconstruction: on a macro level, contributions that explore multilateralism as the emergent modus operandi for global disaster policies; on meso level contributions that focus on the characteristics of EU disaster policies and practices; on micro level contributions that concentrate on EU and global policies effects on states and communities.

Paper List

Title Details
Approaches to a Joint Humanitarian-Development Framework in the EU's Post-Lisbon Institutional Setting View Paper Details
How and Why ECHO Started to use the Concept of Resilience View Paper Details
Managing External Humanitarian Crises: The European Union Humanitarian Aid Policy between Bilateralism and Multilateralism View Paper Details
Merging Policies as Strategy against Emergency Threats. The EU’s Institutional Response to Disasters, Risks and Emergencies View Paper Details
Speed in the Union: Rapid Reaction, Risk Practices, and the EU Civil Protection Mechanism View Paper Details
The EU Civil Protection Mechanism: A Tool for European Integration? View Paper Details
The EU in the Horn of Africa: Building Resilience as a distant form of Governance View Paper Details
The L'Aquila Earthquake: Assessing the EU and State of Italy Intervention View Paper Details
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