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Stakeholder Influence on IO Bureaucracies: State and Non-State Actors in International Organization

Civil Society
Interest Groups
International Relations
Public Administration
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Panel Chair
Theresa Squatrito
University of Liverpool
Panel Discussant
Andrea Liese
Universität Potsdam
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07/09/2019 11:00
Building: (Building D) Faculty of Law, Administration & Economics Floor: 2nd floor Room: 2.04
Scholars have long debated the extent to which the policies and operations of international institutions are influenced by state and non-state actors alike. Various actors seek to influence IOs, but the many ways in which they do so is underexplored, especially when it comes to non-traditional stakeholders, such as NGOs and private foundations and corporations. This panel aims to enhance the profile of this scholarship by inviting a range of contributions on various aspects of stakeholder influence in the operations of international organizations.

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