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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Migration and Electoral Politics in Europe and Beyond

Political Participation
Political Engagement
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Daniela Vintila
Université de Liège
Panel Discussant
Luicy Pedroza
German Institute of Global And Area Studies

06/09/2019 15:50 - 17:30
Building: (Building A) Faculty of Law, Administration & Economics Floor: 3rd floor Room: 318
This panel discusses the evolution of policies and practices of immigrant political engagement over time and across countries. In doing so, it explores not only the dimension of migrants’ enfranchisement from a transnational perspective, but also their pathways of access to electoral politics via naturalization and/or nomination of immigrant-origin candidates in home and host country elections. Furthermore, the papers included in this panel also discuss the specific configuration of institutional, political, and societal factors that may constrain migrants’ active involvement in the political arena.

Paper List

Title Details
Complementary, Mutually Exclusive, or Unrelated? On the Value of Studying the Connections between the Emigrant and Immigrant Franchise View Paper Details
Diversity in Spanish Politics? The Nomination of Immigrant-Origin Local Candidates and Dynamics of Descriptive Political Representation View Paper Details
Explaining Migrant Enfranchisement Worldwide: Evidence from Non-Citizen Residents and Non-Resident Citizens View Paper Details
Illiberal Remittances? Studying the Political Dynamics and Voting Patterns of CEE Migrants in Western Europe View Paper Details
Open Borders vs Inclusive Citizenship? The Politics of Associating Immigration and Naturalisation Policies View Paper Details
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