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ECPR Futures Lab 2020

Identity Politics in (Anti-)Populist and Radical Discourse

European Politics
European Union
Political Violence
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Magdalena Gora
Jagiellonian University
Panel Co-Chair
Sybille Reinke De Buitrago
PA Niedersachsen & Universität Hamburg
Panel Discussant
Aleksandra Sojka
Universidad de Granada

04/09/2019 15:00 - 16:40
Building: Institute of Romance Studies Floor: 3rd floor Room: 3.1
In today's societal-political landscape we see the spreading phenomenon of populism that shows itself stronger than in much of recent time. One of the distinctive patterns of populist discourse is its focus on dividing ‘us’ from ‘them’ and utilisation of the strategies of othering, and therefore engaging in identity politics. However, as the original definitions of populism (Mudde 2004, 543) stress the antagonism between people and elites within the national context. We extend this opposition to include the supranational level and explore how the contestation of globalisation (and Europeanisation) feeds the contemporary populist and radical discourse. The proposed panel will focus on analysing the underlying dynamics of how collective identities take shape and are used in populist and radical discourse as well as how they are also instrumentalised in combating the populist constructions. In order to understand current developments in (anti-)populism and how identity plays a key role there, we aim to inquire into discourse, key narratives and themes, appeals to and rejections of identities, identification and differentiation processes. The panel presents papers that deal with these and related questions both in a conceptual and empirical manner.

Paper List

Title Details
Brexit as Bereavement: Pro-European Identity Politics and Anti-Populist Counter-Mobilisation in the UK View Paper Details
How Conservative Professors Think about State-Society Relations View Paper Details
Identity and Emotion Appeals in Radicalisation Narratives View Paper Details
Symbolic Struggles View Paper Details
What About the ‘E’ in PEGIDA? Analysing European Identities in the Context of East German Far-Right Populism View Paper Details
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