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Teaching Politics and IR to Non-Subject Students

International Relations
Comparative Perspective
Higher Education
Mixed Methods
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Alistair Jones
De Montfort University
Panel Discussant
Mark Charlton
De Montfort University

06/09/2019 17:50 - 19:30
Building: Institute of Romance Studies Floor: 2nd floor Room: 2.5
All colleagues find ways to engage with their students. The vast majority are studying for degrees in Politics, International Relations, and related subjects. However, the importance of these subjects is such they are now appearing in other fields of study e.g. business studies, journalism, nursing, HRM, etc. Many of the students on these courses are unaware of the importance of the study of politics, and are loathe to engage with the subject matter.

The aim of this panel is to explore how we engage with these non-politics students. What are the tricks-of-the-trade that can encourage these students to interact fully with the subject matter? How is a hook developed to inspire and encourage these students to engage with what may seem alien subject matter? Are there examples of good practice from which we can learn, and possibly apply to our own students?

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