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Gendering the European Parliament

Political Responses to Migration in Europe: Solidarity in Crisis?

European Union
Local Government
Political Participation
Policy Change
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Christiane Heimann
University of Bamberg
Panel Discussants
Aisling HEALY
Université Lyon II
Aude-Claire FOUROT
Simon Fraser University

04/09/2019 15:00 - 16:40
Building: (Building C) Faculty of Law, Administration & Economics Floor: 3rd floor Room: 301
Migration and integration policies are currently among the most controversy disputed policy fields on the local, national and EU-level, defining the so-called EU refugee crisis. Despite the dispute among member states, immigrant integration is first of all the task of local actors, such as local politicians, municipal administration, NGO´s and civil society. Municipalities have been at the forefront of developing local integration policies in many European countries long before their nation-states defined themselves as “immigration” countries”. Therefore, municipalities gained competences and broadened their scope of action in integration and migration policies. Nevertheless, experiences, competences and opportunities of political participation in the field of migration and integration differ between small municipalities in rural areas, medium-sized municipalities and big metropolitan cities. In this Panel different approaches to deal with immigration and integration of asylum seekers will be discussed. Contributions address the following research questions:
- How do local governments respond to the reception of asylum seekers?
- Did the focus on refugees change the local approach to migration and integration policies?
- What are the similarities or differences between varying types of municipalities, such as big cities, small towns and rural counties?
- How can different stakeholders on local level be mobilized to develop effective integration policies?
- How can municipalities use transnational municipal networks to represent their interests on EU-level?

The analysis of these questions gives insights into effective responses to the refugee controversy on different governmental levels.

Paper List

Title Details
Beyond Integration? Institutional Change in Local Refugee and Integration Politics: Empirical Findings from 100 German Municipalities View Paper Details
Immigration of Refugees as a Policy Field in Rural Areas View Paper Details
Open and Closed Doors: Local Responses to the Refugee Policy Crisis in Austria View Paper Details
Solidarity in Crisis: Assessing EU Member States' Motives for their Failure to Act in Solidarity during the EU Asylum System Crisis View Paper Details
The Impact of Transnational Municipal Networks (TMN) on EU Migration Policies View Paper Details
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