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Political Research Exchange - PRX

The Intertwined Relationship between Parties, Presidents and Legislatures

Political Parties
Party Systems
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Carsten Anckar
Åbo Akademi
Panel Discussant
Jenny Åberg
Dalarna University

05/09/2019 15:50 - 17:30
Building: (Building C) Faculty of Law, Administration & Economics Floor: 4th floor Room: 403
How do parties, legislatures and the presidency interact, in particular when it comes to the legislative veto power of the president or the portfolio allocation between executive and legislature. Furthermore, what are the circumstances that allow presidents and legislatures to influence party institutionalization and what effect has that on core features of the political system (for example the election of the president or the end of his/her term)? To engage with these research questions, this panel brings together a group of scholars that approach these questions about the intertwined relationship between presidents, parties and legislatures from different regional and methodological perspectives. By presenting individual case studies, for example on Latvia as well as comparative studies on historical developments, the individual papers will show how the presidentialized parties can be an important political factor during the term of the legislature and the presidency as well how the relation between presidents and the strength of parties impacts regime stability, modes of governance but also legitimacy and accountability of the political system.

Paper List

Title Details
Common Trends or Diverging Trajectories? The Austrian and French Presidential Elections 2016/2017 and their Consequences View Paper Details
Indirect Presidential Elections: A New Classification and Global Summary, 1945ꟷ2018 View Paper Details
On the Perils of Presidential Autonomy for the Institutionalisation of European Party Systems, 1848ꟷ2014 View Paper Details
Suspensive Veto Power Practise in Latvia View Paper Details
The Executive Dependence Upon the Legislature: Explaining the Allocation of Portfolios to Formateur Parties View Paper Details
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