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Green Leviathan, Ecological Insurance Agency, or Capitalism’s Agent? Revisiting the Ecological State in the Anthropocene

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Andreas Duit
Stockholm University
Workshop Co-Directors
Peter H. Feindt
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
James Meadowcroft
Carleton University

Over the second half of the twentieth century the environment emerged as a key focus of state activity. While there is much recent scholarship dealing with the internationalization of environmental protection, we still know relatively little about national ‘ecological states’ as important sites for environmental politics and policy-making. This workshop seeks to contribute to the study of environmental politics and to state theory in three ways. First, there is an explicit ambition ‘to bring the state back in’ to research on environmental politics and policy. Second, there is an ambition to rediscover a comparative perspective on environmental politics and state theory. Third, there is an intention to encourage deeper reflection within the political research community about the evolution of contemporary states once environmental issues become central -- especially in relation to interactions among core state imperatives and functions.

Key themes the workshop will address include: historical patterns in the development of environmental states and the driving forces behind their evolution; differences and similarities in configurations of governance arrangements; structural features that enable and constrain the activities of ecological states; interactions among major state concerns, especially economic management and welfare reform; assessing the prospects for the ecological state in addressing processes of global environmental change; and the normative foundations of the ecological state.

The workshop hopes to initiate a research agenda on the ecological state that might, in the long term, parallel the achievements of established research programs into the state, such as welfare state regimes, varieties of capitalism, and democratization.

Paper List

Title Details
Contemporary Environmental Statehood at Sea View Paper Details
Decoupling, the Green Economy, and the Environmental State View Paper Details
Encircling the Commons. Property Rights, Political Authority and the Liberal Environmental State View Paper Details
Getting that Warm and Fuzzy Feeling: Using Fuzzy Sets to Explain Global Warming Policy in Developed States View Paper Details
Globalisation’s Limits to the Ecological State? View Paper Details
Governance and the Green State - A Comparative Analysis of Green Energy Technology Development Policies View Paper Details
Greening the Juggernaut? Contours and Limits of the Ecological State View Paper Details
Greening Which Welfare State? Confronting Ideals of an Ecological State with the Realities of Contemporary Welfare State Transformations View Paper Details
Making the Environmental State Democratic: Is Participatory Governance the Solution? View Paper Details
Protecting the Climate: The Ultimate Legitimation Challenge of the Ecological State View Paper Details
The Ambitious and the Ambivalent: Sweden and Norway in Promoting New Renewable Energy View Paper Details
The Ecological State, Environmental Democracy and Ecological Citizenship: A Productive Relationship? View Paper Details
The Ecostate: Cross-national Patterns of Environmental Governance Regimes View Paper Details
The Potential and Limits of Environmental State Action: The Case of Forest Protection in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay View Paper Details
The Role of the ‘Environmental State’ in Complex Structures: Analysing Policy Coherence in Swedish Water Governance View Paper Details
Transforming the State Apparatus in Climate Policy: When Ideas and Discourses meet the Polity View Paper Details
Transition State or State of Emergency? The Ecological State in Times of Global Crisis View Paper Details
Trapped and Lost in the Nation-state Container: The Declining Relevance of the Environmental State View Paper Details
Welfare States and Environmental States: Commonalities and Contrasts: A Framework for Comparative Analysis View Paper Details
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