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ECPR Futures Lab 2020

Interest Groups, Political Parties and Legislatures

Interest Groups
Political Parties
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Patrick Statsch
University of Amsterdam
Panel Discussant
Onna Malou van den Broek
Kings College London

05/09/2019 15:50 - 17:30
Building: (Building B) Faculty of Law, Administration & Economics Floor: Ground floor Room: 7
The link between political parties and interest groups should be an evident one: Interest groups seek to influence political parties and members of parliament, who, in turn, often need external input from interest groups. Nevertheless, these political actors are rarely studied together. Therefore this panel seeks to bring together scholars from the subfields of interest group scholarship, party research and/or the study of legislatures.

Paper List

Title Details
A Tale of Asymmetry? Explaining Coalitions between Parties and Interest Groups View Paper Details
Do Lobby Groups Set the Governmental Agenda? An Examination in Four Countries View Paper Details
Leading the Dance but Following Too: Interest Group Responsiveness to Political Parties View Paper Details
The Effects of Issue and Interest Group Characteristics on Lobbying Success in Germany View Paper Details
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