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ECPR Futures Lab 2020

Ethnicity, Territory, and Party Competition. Toward a Unified Approach

Workshop Director
Christina Zuber
Universität Konstanz
Workshop Co-Director
Edina Szöcsik
University of Basel

During the 1990s, the re-territorialisation of politics in Western Europe on the one hand and the break-up
and democratisation of multi-national states in Central and Eastern Europe on the other hand both increased
the importance of ethnicity and territory in party competition. With an additional ethnic issue dimension
structuring the policy space and the fragmentation of party systems into segmental and/or regional
subsystems, party competition in the multinational democracies of wider Europe takes the form of a
complex multi-dimensional game played in multiple, territorially nested arenas.
We argue that fresh analytical approaches bridging the fields of territorial, ethnic, and party politics are
needed to deal with this complexity. So far, however, research on ethnicity has remained largely
disconnected from the field of party politics. Additionally, a heterogeneous use of terms has detached
scholars working on 'ethnoregionalist' parties in Western Europe from scholars focussing on 'minority'
parties in Central and Eastern Europe. The workshop seeks to overcome scholarly insulation and kickstart
a debate that explores the possibility of a unified analytical approach to ethnicity and territory in
party competition.

Paper List

Title Details
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“Give Them a Hand They Will Take the Whole Arm”? View Paper Details
Do Identities Matter More than Party Interests in Ethno-Territorial Politics? Conceptual and Empirical Insights from Multilevel and Deeply Divided Belgium View Paper Details
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Ethnic Parties in Africa: Origins and Impact View Paper Details
Ethnicity and Regionalism in the Imperial Austrian Party System, 1867-1914 View Paper Details
Ethnicity, elections and party system. Lessons from South Africa View Paper Details
Ethnopolitics from a Structuralist Perspective: Social Identities, Functional and Territorial Cleavages, and the Political Participation of Ethnic Minorities View Paper Details
Ethnoregionalist parties in regional governments View Paper Details
Intra-ethnic competition and cooperation within the ethnic Hungarian party systems of Romania, Serbia and Slovakia View Paper Details
MEASURING PARTY POSITIONING TOWARDS DECENTRALISATION: A CODING SCHEME - Draft paper about the development of a coding scheme for the content analysis of party manifestos and parliamentary debates View Paper Details
Statewide parties in multidimensional competition View Paper Details
Substantive representation of minority preferences: Are minority representatives good for representing minorities? View Paper Details
Sub-State Governments and Regionalist Parties; Formation, Composition and Longevity View Paper Details
Territorial politics and the dynamics of party competition in Wales and Catalonia: Towards a new framework of analysis. View Paper Details
Territorial Reforms and Party Competition in Belgium View Paper Details
Territory, Ethnicity and Social Democracy View Paper Details
The Kurdish Question and Political Parties of Turkey: A Critical Assessment (provisional title) View Paper Details
When : Comparing Ethnic Parties in Western and Eastern Europe View Paper Details
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