Institutionalisation of Political Parties: Comparative Cases. Edited by Robert Harmel and Lars G. Svasand

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P001‘European Political Parties’ as Multi-Level Organisations and Their Relations with National Parties in Central and Eastern Europe
Europe (Central and Eastern), Comparative Politics, European Union, Integration, Party Manifestos, Political Parties, Party Systems, Policy Change
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P002‘Post-Crisis’ Southern Europe: Representation, Protest, Mobilisation
Representation, Mobilisation, Protests, Southern Europe
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P003“Us” and “Them”: Redefining Communities in Populist Times
European Union, National Identity, Populism
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P0041 The Ideas of a European Defence
European Union, Security, Identity, Normative Theory
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P0052 In the Depth and in the Width? Europeanization of Defence Forces as Well as ‘Extra’ EU and NATO Co-Operation
European Union, International Relations, Security
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P00621st Century International Organization: Who Designs and Who Decides?
Institutions, International Relations, International, Member States
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P0073 Addressing Security Challenges in the Baltic Region Through Multilateral Cooperation
Conflict, European Politics, European Union, NATO, War
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P008A Republican Europe of States
Democracy, European Union, Political Theory, Demoicracy
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P009Academic Freedom Under Threat
Europe (Central and Eastern), Democracy, Freedom, Higher Education
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P010Accountability Norms Today
Human Rights, International, Transitional justice
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P011Active Citizenship: Revisiting Citizen Practices and Motives of Participation Today
Citizenship, Immigration, Activism, Demoicracy
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P012Active Learning in Comparative Perspectives
Constructivism, Higher Education, Mixed Methods
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P013Aesthetics and Resistance
European Politics, Political Theory, Political Cultures
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P014Alternative Approaches to Political Philosophy
Political Theory, Methods, Normative Theory
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P015Alternative Voting Methods – A Remedy for Reviving Active Citizenship Against Political
Democracy, Elections, Political Participation, Voting, Voting Behaviour
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P016Analyzing Populism Through Party Manifestos and Political Speeches
Party Manifestos, Populism, Identity
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P017Anxiety and Identity Change: The Emotional Drivers and Socio-Psychological Underpinnings of Identity Change
International Relations, Political Theory, Identity
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P018Applications of Global Public Reason
Institutions, Political Theory, Normative Theory
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P019Assessing Higher Education Governance Reforms Impact on System and University Performance: Theoretical and Practical Contributions
Governance, Policy Analysis, Public Administration, Public Policy, Higher Education, Policy Change, Policy Implementation, Policy-Making
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P020Assessing the Determinants and Consequences of Immigrant Integration Policies and Practices
Comparative Politics, Governance, Integration, Migration, Immigration, Comparative Perspective
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"In all forms of Government the people is the true Legislator" - Edmund Burke

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