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Course Type 
Course Category 
Introduction to SPSSGregor Petrič View Course Details
Introduction to RAndrej Blejec View Course Details
Mathematics: Linear Algebra and CalculusAnton CEDILNIK View Course Details
Basics of Inferential Statistics for Political ScientistsJanez Stare View Course Details
Qualitative Data Exploration with MAXQDA 11Francisco Freitas View Course Details
B01Two Week
Multivariate Statistical Analysis and Comparative Crossnational Surveys DataBruno Cautrès View Course Details
B02Two Week
Political Game TheoryDavid Hugh-Jones View Course Details
B03Two Week
Case Study Research: Method and PracticeIngo Rohlfing View Course Details
B04Two Week
Event History and Survival AnalysisJanez Stare View Course Details
B05Two Week
Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Fuzzy Sets: Basics and Advanced Issues in Set-Theoretic MethodsPatrick Emmenegger, Carsten Q. Schneider View Course Details
B06Two Week
Introduction to Network Analysis with PajekVladimir Batagelj View Course Details
B07Two Week
Introduction to Structural Equation ModellingJochen Mayerl View Course Details
B09Two Week
Applied Multilevel ModellingZoltán Fazekas View Course Details
C01First Week
Research DesignsSamo Kropivnik View Course Details
C02First Week
Multiple Regression Analysis I: Estimation and DiagnosticsBernhard Kittel View Course Details
C04First Week
Expert Interviews for Qualitative Data GenerationAlenka Jelen-Sanchez View Course Details
C05First Week
Process Tracing Methodology IRasmus Brun Pedersen View Course Details
C06First Week
Focus Groups for Qualitative Data GenerationVirginie Van Ingelgom View Course Details
C07First Week
Issues in Political, Policy and Organisation EthnographyDvora Yanow View Course Details
C11First Week
Applied Multilevel Modelling I: Multilevel Linear Models for Continuous DataZoltán Fazekas View Course Details
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"In all forms of Government the people is the true Legislator" - Edmund Burke

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