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ECPR Futures Lab 2020

The Transnational Dimension of the Student and “Education Workers” Mobilisations in Europe and the Americas

Gianni Piazza
Università di Catania
Gianni Piazza
Università di Catania

In order to understand if recent student and Education mobilizations have give rise a global social movement, in the paper I’ll try to check their real transnational dimension, grasping similarities and differences between countries and analyzing their frames, organizational patterns and forms of action. Another remarkable question I’ll try to answer is related to the relationship between the student mobilizations and the Indignados and Occupy movements; that is, how students and “Education workers” have contributed to the rise and nature of these movements, and if the latter have absorbed the student energies or have given a new impetus to the student protests, trough a cross-fertilization process, both in practices and imageries of democracy and in forms of action.
From a methodological point of view, the paper will be based on different types of sources: not only on media reports and self-produced documents available on their websites and other internet platforms, but also through a set of semi-structured interviews to key informants in different countries (Usa, Canada and Mexico in the Americas, Italy, Spain and UK in Europe).
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