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ECPR 50th Anniversary Fund

The Interplay between OC and Judical Corruption in Southeast Europe, Albania as a Case Study

Organised Crime
Fabian Zhilla
Kings College London
Fabian Zhilla
Kings College London

This paper highlights the influence of organised crime to judicial corruption in Southeast Europe with case study Albania. This is the first research, which provides an empirically informed definition of Albanian organised crime operating inside Albania and its relationship with judicial corruption. It also considers the role of political elite in this relationship. The study draws on sixty-one expert interviews with judges, prosecutors, solicitors/advocates, academics, investigative journalists, former state police, NGOs and review of secondary data. This research finds out that the interplay of organised crime with judicial corruption in Albania has followed different phases during the transition from communism to democracy (1989-2011). It shows that this relationship is becoming more sophisticated.
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