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Gendering the European Parliament

Strategic and Market-Oriented Approaches to Energy Policy in Policy Documents of the European Union

European Union
Foreign Policy
International Relations
Martin Jirušek
Masaryk University
Martin Jirušek
Masaryk University
Filip Černoch
Masaryk University

The EU has been increasing the emphasis on coordination of energy policies among its members which is also reflected in the states´ energy policies. Additionally, both EU and its members need to react on challenges related to energy supply. Reactions and tendencies within energy policies could be assessed on the basis of theoretical approaches that can not only clarify reasons for implementing specific tools and procedures, but also can help to anticipate future development.
The article focuses on energy policy of the EU from the perspectives of strategic and market-oriented approaches, the two dominant theoretical approaches in this field of study. The aim is to identify how these approaches are reflected in crucial energy policy documents on the EU level, what it means for EU energy policy coordination and how it can affect approach to the challenges that the EU has to face in the field of energy security.
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