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Gendering the European Parliament

The Anti-Corruption Platform: A Bottom-Up Approach to Tackle Corruption in the EU and Partner Countries

Europe (Central and Eastern)
Civil Society
European Union
Ondrej Timco
University College London
Ondrej Timco
University College London

The European Commission should establish the Anti-Corruption Platform (ACP), an agency, which would provide structural support to grassroots initiatives aiming to reduce corruption in the EU and partner countries. ACP would assist GRECO and EACEA with their missions to promote active European citizenship and improve the capacity of fighting corruption, respectively. ACP would manage EU’s funding programmes pertaining to projects, which stimulate public awareness of the negative impact of corruption; intensify cooperation in adopting anti-corruption measures; or contribute to research of corruption. It is desired for ACP to be actively involved in training of the successful applicants. The projects will be required to involve at least three countries, of which at least one is a member state of the European Union, in order to ensure dissemination of the ACP’s objective of alleviating political, economic, and social cost of corruption.
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